Russians are insidiously changing their tactics in bombarding Mykolaiv – Head of Mykolaiv Oblast Military Administration

Vitalii Kim at a briefing. Stock photo: Ukraine-Ukrinform Media Centre
Vitalii Kim at a briefing. Stock photo: Ukraine-Ukrinform Media Centre
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Last week, the Russian army began bombarding the city of Mykolaiv more intensively and obnoxiously, changing their tactics.

Source: Vitalii Kim, Head of the Mykolaiv Oblast Military Administration, at a briefing on 12 February, quoted by Ukrinform

Quote: "Over the past week, Mykolaiv has been subjected to intense bombardment by the Russian military, and they have been doing it more insidiously and changing tactics. For example, on the night of 10-11 February, they launched groups of drones four times with an interval of about 30-60 minutes. This was done not only to cause more destruction but also to harm our rescue workers who were heading for the strike sites and eliminating the consequences."

Details: Kim said that the Russians have used similar tactics in other oblasts, so this time, the Ukrainian side managed to unravel their intentions and save the lives of their own people. Nevertheless, two people were injured, and an infrastructure facility caught fire.

Additionally, the attacks on 7 February in Mykolaiv, when the Russians fired a Kh-22 missile at a residential sector, killed one person, injured several others and damaged about 70 houses; three houses were razed, and six more were severely damaged. An industrial facility and gas and electricity networks were also hit.

The day after that, the city centre was attacked by drones. A sports facility and a new building were damaged, and many residential buildings were also damaged.

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