Russians' legs are shaking due to Ukrainian army offensive in Kherson Oblast and effective use of HIMARS


The Armed Forces of Ukraine’s offensive in Kherson Oblast is making the Russian military extremely nervous.

Source: an intercepted phone conversation between Russian occupiers released by the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU)

Details: In the telephone conversation intercepted by the SSU, an invader tells his friend that the Ukrainian military is mercilessly driving the Russian forces from Ukrainian land.

The Russian complains that the mere mention of HIMARS [a US-made highly mobile missile launcher] makes his legs shake, and real panic is breaking out in combat units.

Quote from the occupier: "They’ve been shooting at us with all sorts of things: Grads and other f**king [weapons]... The villages that used to be ours… they took them back and drove us out.

My legs are shaking here. It strikes [the occupier is apparently talking about HIMARS] and the ground shakes. Here, all our soldiers are shaking."

Quote from SSU: "If the Ruscists want their legs to stop shaking, we advise them to surrender.

For this purpose, two new emergency telephone lines are now open: +380 665803498 and +380 931192984. Both servicemen and their relatives can call them."

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