Russians looted Nova Kakhovkas Historical Museum and took everything away to Crimea

When they retreated from Kherson Oblast, the Russians stole a collection of artefacts that belonged to the Historical Museum in Nova Kakhovka and took them to temporarily occupied Crimea.

Source: press service of the National Resistance Center

Details: The National Resistance Center reports that all the artefacts from the museum have been taken to Crimea.

Reference: The museum had over 16,000 items in its collection. Some of its most valuable exhibits are anthropomorphic steles from the Yamna culture (3rd millennium BC), ancient Greek amphoras (3rd-2nd millennia BC), mace pommels from the catacomb culture (2nd millennium BC), Scythian ritual pommels (5th century BC), a Sarmatian gold earring (3rd-1st centuries BC), Cuman stone figures of women (16th-17th centuries), early medieval chandeliers, and many others.

The museum also had a collection of firearms and bladed Turkish weapons dating back to the late 18th and 19th centuries.


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