Russians have lost more weapons and equipment than they had when invasion started General Staff report

The Russian occupation forces have now lost more military equipment and weapons in Ukraine than they had in their possession at the time of the full-scale invasion on 24 February.

Source: Brigadier-General Oleksii Hromov, Deputy Chief of the Main Operational Department of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, talking to Ukrinform

Quote: "The enemy continues to suffer huge losses in combat. In terms of the main types of weapons and military equipment, such as tanks, armoured combat vehicles and artillery systems, their losses now exceed the number of weapons and military equipment which they had at the start of the invasion.

In particular, we have destroyed more than 3,000 enemy tanks, 6,000 armoured combat vehicles, 2,000 artillery systems, 420 multiple-launch rocket systems, about 300 combat aircraft, and 270 helicopters."

Details: Brigadier-General Hromov also emphasised that since the beginning of the hostilities, Ukraine’s Air Force alone has destroyed a total of 1,893 air targets, comprising 187 aircraft (Su-25, Su-30, Su-34, Su-35, Il-76, Il -22), 107 helicopters (Mi-8, Mi-24, Ka-52); 678 cruise missiles (Kh-101/555, Kalibr, Iskander-K, Kh-59) and 921 unmanned aerial vehicles (Orion, Orlan, Forpost, Shahed-131/136).

Furthermore, some of the air targets were shot down by other forces and technical resources of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other components of the defence forces.

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