Russians massively hand out mobilisation notices to Crimean Tatars who have to flee from Crimea


Crimean Tatars are fleeing from occupied Crimea because they don’t want to fight against their own country and kill Ukrainians.

Source: sources among Crimean Tatars in occupied Crimea,; CrimeaSOS

Details: The mobilisation campaign started in Crimea primarily affects Crimean Tatars.

80% of all mobilisation notices in Crimea were handed to Crimean Tatars.

Details: Many flee Crimea with their families as they don’t want to fight. People flee to the nearest border countries: Georgia, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Belarus.

Human right activists from the "Crimea SOS" organization state that the mobilization of Crimean Tatars may lead to genocide. According to their estimates, Crimean Tatars received 90% of mobilisation notices in Crimea.

The activists also explain that Russia is purposefully killing indigenous people of Ukraine by making them fight against their own country.

Note: The mobilisation of residents of the occupied territories into the occupying army is forbidden by Article 51 of IV Geneva Convention, which makes it a war crime.

Making Ukrainian citizens participate in military action against their own country is considered a war crime, too.

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