Russians shell Kherson again, one elderly resident killed

On Wednesday afternoon, 8 February, Russian forces struck the outskirts of Kherson, killing an elderly man.

Source: Kherson Oblast State Administration on Telegram 

Quote: "The Ruscists have once again shelled the outskirts of Kherson. Due to a strike of enemy artillery, one elderly man, who was on the street at the time of the attack, was killed."

Details: It is reported that the Russians have struck the Children Rehabilitation Centre for the fourth time. Now the building is damaged by Russian shells.

In addition, a Russian shell hit an apartment building in the Dnipro district of the city. This occurred in the afternoon.

The building was seriously damaged; its roof, walls, windows and doors were shattered by the blast wave.

Quote: "It is a miracle that no one got hurt. During the shelling, a married couple left to buy groceries, and a grandfather with his five-year old grandchild stayed behind. Thankfully, at the time of the shelling, they were preparing lunch in part of the building, which was unaffected by Russian projectiles."

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