Russians starting to evacuate from occupied Crimea, says Ukrainian intelligence

The GUR announced that the occupying
The GUR announced that the occupying

The day before, local residents heard warnings on FM stations that they should be ready to leave, he said, adding that this warning refers to those who have collaborated with the enemy.

"In order for peace and order to be restored there, the peninsula should be deoccupied so the legal Ukrainian authorities can return there,” the official website of Ukrainian intelligence quoted Yusov as saying.

“Actually, Crimea (should be returned) to its home Ukrainian harbor, which is bound to happen in the near future. Therefore, all those who work for Russia should really leave the territory of Ukrainian Crimea in the near future," he said.

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Russian commanders and the occupiers' administration are very active in selling real estate and taking their families out of Crimea, the intelligence representative said.

"But they told the rest, like ordinary soldiers, not to worry, that everything is calm, and everything under their control... But, it has really become a meme that the so-called ‘special operation’ (Kremlin propaganda terminology for its war on Ukraine) is going according to plan... Families associated with Russians are being taken out, and quite promptly. And it is a sign for all those who tied their destiny with the criminal Kremlin regime."

Yusov said that it would be better for Russians to leave Crimea now while they still have the chance.

Earlier, the Deputy Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine Vadym Skybytskyi said that the Russian invaders were preparing to defend the occupied Crimea.

A defense group has been building fortifications in the peninsula, he said.

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