Russians tried to advance on Zaporizhzhia front, but were repelled

Russian troops have tried to conduct an offensive in small groups in the south of Ukraine, in particular, in Zaporizhzhia Oblast, but were repelled and forced to retreat.

Source: Yevhen Yerin, Head of the joint press centre for Ukraine’s Defence Forces on the Tavriya front, on air of Suspilne, a public broadcaster

Quote: "Currently, the enemy is making certain attempts in small groups to improve their tactical position. At some points, they even managed to advance. But these attempts were stopped, and the enemy was forced to retreat."

Details: Yerin emphasised that the position of Ukrainian troops has not changed at the moment.

"As for the concentration of enemy forces. A certain strengthening is being carried out in certain directions. In general, the enemy grouping on the Zaporizhzhia front has been strengthened quite a bit compared to recent times. However, we can’t say that some powerful group capable of a full-scale offensive was created," he remarked.

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