Russians working to improve their ability to blockade Ukrainian shipping on the Black Sea

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Бої за острів Зміїний продовжуються (ілюстративне фото)
Бої за острів Зміїний продовжуються (ілюстративне фото)

“Ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in the Black and Azov seas are continuing their operation to isolate [the Ukrainian sea region], for that they’re conducting intelligence activities and battlefield support for their own troops stationed in that area, close to the seas,” he said

“Besides that, the enemy is trying to increase its military presence on the Zmiinyi Island., with the purpose of blocking Ukraine’s maritime logistics.”

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According to Motuzyanyk, the Ukrainian army has some success in destroying Russian ships in the Black Sea.

On April 26, Ukrainian army conducted an offensive operation against a Russian control point at the Zmiinyi Island, destroying a Strela-10, a SAM missile system.

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On May 8, Ukrainian army downed a Russian helicopter with paratroopers on board over Zmiinyi Island. The Russians against attempted to reinforce their defenses on Zmiinyi Island on May 11.

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However, Ukraine’s Armed Forces have been able to use Bayraktar drones near Zmiinyi Island to hit the Serna, a marine infantry military vessel, and a Tor SAM system. Ukrainian Bayraktars have also destroyed a Raptor-class patrol boat, and severely damaged another – killing 46 Russian marines and paratroopers in total.

Later, Ukrainian soldiers hit three more Russian SAM systems, and a server station with telecommunication equipment.

Over the course of the week, the Ukrainian army has destroyed two more Raptors.

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