Russias 237th Guards Airborne Assault Regiment no longer exists: soldiers either dead or wounded Ukrainian Intelligence


Ukrainian Intelligence reports that due to successful counteroffensive of Ukrainian forces on several fronts, Russian occupiers are looking for a way to escape, calling their wives and asking the Russian Ministry of Defence to get them out of Ukraine.

Source: Ukrainian Chief Intelligence Directorate

Quote: "The 237th Guards Airborne Assault Regiment of the Russian Federation no longer exists due to either death or injury of all soldiers. A large part of those who survived are in extremely serious condition."

Details: It is noted that the counteroffensive of the Ukrainian troops forces the occupiers to ask the Red Cross for help and flee on stolen bicycles.

Similarly, Russians from the 202nd Detached Motorised Rifle Regiment, which is deployed in Kharkiv Oblast, left their positions and moved to the nearest forest strip.

The unit has no commanders and communications left. Currently, servicemen of the regiment are calling their relatives, asking to contact the command and find out where they should retreat. Some of them ask their wives to contact the hotlines of the Ministry of Defence of Russia and the Red Cross with the demand to remove them from the territory of Ukraine.

The occupiers tried to resist the Ukrainian counter-offensive in Kharkiv Oblast, attacking the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from tanks and a TOS-1 heavy flamethrower system.

Nevertheless, the Russian detachments suffered serious losses, left their positions and retreated in small groups. The occupiers complain about the powerful offensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, as well as the lack of ammunition and equipment. Due to the lack of logistics, they are retreating chaotically. Bicycles and scooters seized from the local population are used to leave combat positions. Many of the Russian soldiers are on foot.

On the Dnipropetrovsk front, the Russian army is trying to hold its positions. However, the upset with the new replenishments is growing, most of the "recruits" are 55-60 years old.

In order to maintain their positions in the Kherson Oblast, the occupiers brought reinforcements from the territory of the Russian Federation. However, the recruits flatly refuse to participate in offensive combat operations.

At the same time, Russian-aligned news outlets spread the information that the Ukrainian counter-offensive operation is a fake PR-action.

Kremlin propaganda tries to convince its citizens that all reports of a Ukrainian counter-offensive are a "show performance" for Europe and the civilised world. They claim that all Western-supplied weapons and military equipment were sold to unknown clients.

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