Are Russia's Anti-Tank Missiles Impossible to Stop?

Michael Peck
By Vitaly V. Kuzmin -, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Michael Peck

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Are Russia's Anti-Tank Missiles Impossible to Stop?

If APS won’t protect Western tanks, then it won’t protect Russian ones, either.

The defensive systems protecting Western tanks from anti-tank missiles won’t stop Russian rockets, according to Russian media.

Russian news agency TASS claimed that an Israeli source told it that Israel’s Trophy active defense system, which shoots down anti-tank rockets, won’t work against Russian weapons. The source, identified only as a member of the Israeli defense industry, spoke to TASS at the ISDEF 2019 defense trade show in Tel Aviv.

(This first appeared in June 2019.)

“The Trophy system proved its high effectiveness in repelling single launches of anti-tank missiles and rocket grenades, including launches from different directions,” the source said. “However, the active protection system still can’t sustain fighting two or three anti-tank munitions launched at a minimum interval. This technology is used in Russia’s latest systems, for example, the upgraded Kornet [anti-tank missile] system and single-use grenade launchers.”

Active protection systems, or APS, like Trophy, use radar to detect incoming projectiles, and then knock them down with a barrage of shotgun-like pellets. The question is whether the system can be overwhelmed by multiple projectiles.

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