Cases of novel coronavirus in Russia surge past 10,000 after record daily rise

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    They have thousands more and hundreds if not thousands more death. Watched yesterday one talk show on Russia 1. Their “leading” specialists explained how they carefully select cases to report. She said that they do not report cases like pneumonia as virus related. They have tenfold cases of death from pneumonia this year. I understand that they may want to calm population, but lying is not good way of doing it.
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    Good luck, Vladimir. Actually the good luck wish is for the Russian people, not for you.
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    Could see this coming from a mile away. Still probably underestimating the count but at some point they had to at lest admit something was happening.
    I can only imagine what NK is really like.
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    Why do they keep reporting this with Russia and China? They know the information is more than likely incorrect.
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    does North Korea still have zero?
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    any leader who says that they have it under control is LYING! and we have been hearing this for weeks from ole don the con. More concerned about his Facebook and TV ratings. Sad that this is who is our "leader" ah no.
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    Putin says he's got it all under control. Cases'll be down to zero in no time. Closed all the borders. He's got his doctors degree.