Russia's McDonald's heir hungry for success

STORY: McDonald’s has left Russia but its successor is proving popular already.

That’s according to the Chief Executive of 'Vkusno & tochka' Oleg Paroev.

He said the company sold almost 120,000 burgers on its opening day.

"Several of our enterprises actually set a historic record for daily turnover on opening day - for daily sales. We have never seen that kind of daily turnover during the entire period of McDonald's activity in Russia."

The company's name stands for 'Tasty and that's it'.

50 of its new restaurants reopened in and around Moscow last week.

It comes after McDonalds fully exited Russia - selling all the restaurants it owned to a local licensee in May.

Its exit saga has highlighted the challenges Western companies face -

as they try to sever ties with the Russia market over Moscow's actions in Ukraine.

"We are confident that as we launch large-scale advertising campaigns to boost brand recognition, our guests will get used to the new name and understand they are no longer at a "Mac", but a "tochka"."

The company doesn’t expect the first day’s demand to last.

But its CEO is confident the firm can reach 1,000 stores in four to five years.

Up from around 850 under the McDonald’s brand.