Russia's Next Military Move: Selling Radar That Can Detect Hypersonic Weapons?

Michael Peck


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Proving yet again that one nation’s misfortune is another’s business opportunity, Russia says it will sell radars in the Middle East that are designed to detect cruise missiles and hypersonic weapons.

The announcement follows a devastating attack – reportedly by drones and cruise missiles – on Saudi oil facilities last month. The U.S. and Saudi Arabia accuse Iran of being behind the attack, which ostensibly was conducted by Houthi rebels in Yemen.

“Contracts have been signed with a number of Middle Eastern countries for the supply of Rezonans-NE,” an unidentified Russian government source told Russian news agency TASS.  “Stations will be transferred to customers within one and a half to two years.”

The source did not specify which states would receive the radars, other than they would be "Russia-friendly states."

“The stationary radar Rezonans-NE operates in the meter range and is equipped with a phased antenna array,” according to TASS. “It is capable of detecting modern aerial targets at great distances, including those made using stealth technology. In particular, the radar is designed to detect and track stealth cruise and ballistic missiles, as well as hypersonic aircraft.”

The maximum range of the over-the-horizon Rezonans-NE is 1,100 kilometers (684 miles), and it can track up to 500 targets, TASS said. It is already in service in Russia’s Western Military District and the Northern Fleet.

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