Russia's reaction to the drone attacks on Moscow

Drones reportedly hit buildings in Moscow

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Ukraine launched its biggest ever drone attack on Moscow on Tuesday but air defences destroyed all eight of the drones, Russia said, bringing the 15-month war in Ukraine to the heart of the capital.

Here are some Russian reactions to the attacks.


"The president's working day started very early today. He received direct information both via the Defence Ministry and via the relevant departments." He also received "information from the Mayor of Moscow, the governor of the Moscow region, the Ministry of Emergency Situations".

"Everything worked properly, worked well. The air defence system also worked well. It is quite clear that we are talking about the Kyiv regime's response to our very effective strikes on one of the decision-making centres... on Sunday.

"This once again confirms the need to continue this special military operation and achieve the set goals."

"It is, of course, obvious that this is an attack by the Kyiv regime. And this must be absolutely clearly understood."


"This morning, the Kyiv regime launched a terrorist attack with unmanned aerial vehicles on premises in the city of Moscow.

"Eight unmanned aerial vehicles were involved in the attack. All enemy drones were hit.

"Three of them were suppressed by electronic warfare, lost control and deviated from their intended goals. Five more unmanned aerial vehicles were shot down by the Pantsir-S anti-aircraft missile and cannon complex in the Moscow region."


Prigozhin, known for his expletive-laced language, commented on reports that drones had been downed over the exclusive Moscow suburb of Rublyovka, home to members of Russia's political, military and business elite whom he has often criticised fiercely as being insufficiently committed to the war.

"Why the fuck are you allowing these drones to fly to Moscow? Who gives a shit that they are flying to your homes on Rublyovka! Let your houses burn," said Prigozhin.

"And what should ordinary people do when drones with explosives crash into their windows? So as a citizen, I am deeply outraged that these scum sit quietly with their arseholes smeared with expensive creams. And that's why I think the people have every right to ask them these questions, these bastards.

"But I have already warned about this many times, but no one wants to listen. Because I'm angry and I upset bureaucrats who have a great life."


"Early this morning, as a result of the UAV attack, minor damage occurred in several buildings."


"The sabotage and terrorist attacks of Ukraine will only increase," Khinshtein said. "It is necessary to radically strengthen defence and security measures, especially in terms of countering drones. This includes finally passing the necessary laws."

"The fact that all 8 UAVs, according to the Ministry of Defence, were shot down by the air defence system or suppressed by electronic warfare is remarkable. But this should not reassure anyone. Do not underestimate the enemy!"


"I would not give in to panic about the drone attack on Moscow and the Moscow region. Of all their number, almost nothing flew to target. I'm more concerned about where they came from, who launches them?

"Firstly, it is necessary to make an analysis and draw conclusions, and, secondly, SMERSH (the much feared military counter-intelligence agency formed under Josef Stalin during World War Two) is necessary. Probably other powers are needed today so that the security forces can work at full capacity in all regions of the Russian Federation and beyond. This will instantly have an effect so that no bastard is allowed to wander around our country and crap all over the place."

(Reporting by Guy Faulconbridge)