Russia's UN Representative falsely claims at Security Council meeting that Ukraine's air defence equipment caused Dnipro tragedy

During the latest UN Security Council meeting, Vasily Nebenzia, Russia’s Permanent Representative at the UN, claimed that the Russian Kh-22 missile, which struck an apartment block in the city of Dnipro on 14 January, had been shot down by Ukraine’s air defence.

Source: Russian state-owned news agency TASS, quoting Nebenzia

Quote from Nebenzia: "The Russian missile, which was launched at one of the city’s infrastructure facilities, was shot down by Ukraine’s air defence equipment. Since the air defence system was located in a residential neighbourhood, in violation of international humanitarian law, which you care so much about, the missile hit a residential building after it was shot down."

Details: Oleksii Arestovych, a non-staff adviser to Andrii Yermak, Head of the President’s Office of Ukraine, had earlier voiced the claim that the Russian missile had been shot down by Ukrainian air defence equipment before falling on the Dnipro apartment block.

He later said that he had made a "fundamental mistake" and submitted a letter of resignation to the President’s Office.

The Office accepted Arestovych's resignation from his position as non-staff adviser.


  • A Russian missile struck a multi-storey residential building in Dnipro on 14 January. The latest reports indicate that the attack has claimed the lives of 45 people, including 6 children.

  • Russian forces hit the Dnipro apartment block with an Kh-22 missile designed to destroy aircraft carrier groups at sea. British Defence Intelligence said that Kh-22 missiles are "notoriously inaccurate".

  • On 17 January, heads of Ukraine’s law enforcement agencies reported to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy that the tragedy in Dnipro was caused by a Kh-22 supersonic cruise missile, which the 52nd Long-Range Bomber Aviation Regiment of the Russian Federation has in its possession.

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