RV Crashes Into Westwood Motel

Firefighters rescued a man from his RV after it crashed into a motel off Route 1 in Westwood. WBZ-TV's Juli McDonald reports.

Video Transcript

- Now, at 6 o'clock, an RV crashes into a motel in Westwood. The driver slamming right into the front of the budget inn.

- Now, that motel is on Route 1, and we now know that the driver who was involved is injured. Our Juli McDonald is live at the scene now with the very latest. Juli?

JULI MCDONALD: Well, David and Lisa, that RV was just towed away from the scene moments ago, giving us the first up close look at the damage to this budget inn here on Route 1 in Westwood. Take a look. It's pretty amazing that this is the only damage there was when you really get a look at the mess that this crash made.

Take a look at some of our video from SkyEye overhead. This is-- Westwood firefighters and police rushed here this afternoon when they got the report of that RV crashing into the building and that a person was still trapped inside. When they got here, not only was that driver still trapped in the RV, but a bystander, a good Samaritan had jumped in to try and help him get out of the RV.

So first responders helped that bystander out. And then they actually had to cut a hole in the back of the RV for that driver to get himself out. That gives you a little bit of an indication of his condition. He was able to climb from the driver's seat through the RV and get out through that hole that firefighters cut in the rear of his vehicle. He was taken to a local hospital, and firefighters said that it really is amazing he was in the condition he was. Take a listen.

CHIEF JOHN DECKERS: Well, as you can see from the vehicle that we're looking at behind us, it took a massive hit. So his body was bruised up and cut up a little bit. But if you look at it, I'm surprised that he's still in the condition that he was when we took him out, that it wasn't worse. So he was blessed.

JULI MCDONALD: Not only that driver blessed but the people staying here as well. A lot of foot traffic here typically. It could have been devastating had any of the residents here been out walking to their cars. And the front office is right through that window as well. But fortunately, no one who lives or works here was hurt. Police are still looking into what caused this crash. But stay with WBZ for more information as we learn it. Live in Westwood, I'm Juli McDonald, WBZ News.