RxSafe LLC Launches ViralGuardRx COVID-19 Protection

Protect Essential Pharmacy Personnel and Customers at POS

SAN DIEGO, March 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- As coronavirus cases surge nationwide, retail pharmacies are facing incredibly difficult circumstances: they must continue to dispense vital medications to their patients, and fight the spread of COVID-19 -- while keeping both employees and patients as safe as possible. To address this challenge, RxSafe LLC today launched ViralGuardRx™, a protective shield that creates a physical barrier to help prevent disease transmission at the pharmacy point-of-sale. Placed at pharmacy cash registers or pickup locations, ViralGuardRx helps reduce the risk of viral and bacterial transmission, protecting pharmacy staff and consumers from the spread of coronavirus.

"We immediately identified the need for essential pharmacy personnel to be protected from the coronavirus," said William Holmes, CEO of RxSafe. "Pharmacists and pharmacy staff are on the front lines of this fight, encountering high numbers of potentially infectious customers every day. ViralGuardRx not only provides a tool to keep them healthy, but also helps protect patients."

The patent-pending ViralGuardRx has a copper-lined transfer port for medications. Copper is the only antimicrobial metal surface approved by the EPA and has been shown to kill bacteria and viruses, such as the coronavirus. The transfer port tips 90 degrees to facilitate medication delivery while blocking free airflow from the employee side to the customer side. The shield's replaceable HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter facilitates audibility and compliance with HIPAA, while aiding in the prevention of disease transmission. ViralGuardRx is free-standing and easy for an individual to set up.

"ViralGuardRx allows pharmacy employees to continue providing essential services to our communities by giving them the protection they need," said Holmes. "It also reassures employees and patients of the pharmacy's commitment to their health and safety."


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