Will Ryan Day go to the NFL? Lee Corso thinks so and Desmond Howard thinks he knows who will hire him

Before Ohio State played Michigan at noon Saturday, ESPN's Lee Corso offered a theory that others, including Keyshawn Johnson, have voiced this season.

Ryan Day, 33-3 as head coach of the Buckeyes in three seasons, won't be in Columbus very long.

"Speaking of Ohio State," Corso said started on College GameDay, "Ohio State fans better get happy with him, because he's not going to be with them long. He's going to the NFL whenever he's ready. He's NFL ready.

"Ohio State fans better get used to it, because he's going, I'm telling you."

Desmond Howard, the 1991 Michigan Heisman Trophy winner, jokingly pushed a theory that Johnson mentioned on a radio show that the Chicago Bears will replace coach Matt Nagy and hire Day to groom former Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields.

Host Rece Davis joked: "That sound like wishful thinking."

Howard laughed and said: "It just makes perfect sense. The young man needs help in Chicago."

As the show went to commercial, Kirk Herbstreit joked, "You're trying to chase Ryan Day off. He ain't going nowhere."

Day is 1-0 against Michigan with a 56-29 win in 2019. He hasn't lost a Big Ten game, 23-0, since becoming head coach.

College Football Playoff schedule

Here are the dates to know for the College Football Playoff:

  • Selection show: Noon Dec. 5 on ESPN

  • Cotton Bowl: 3:30 or 7:30 p.m., Dec. 31 on ESPN

  • Orange Bowl: 3:30 or 7:30 p.m., Dec. 31 on ESPN

  • College Football Playoff national championship game: 8 p.m., Monday, Jan. 10, 2022 on ESPN

Week 13 College Football Playoff rankings

  1. Georgia 11-0

  2. Ohio State 10-1

  3. Alabama 10-1

  4. Cincinnati 11-0

  5. Michigan 10-1

  6. Notre Dame 10-1

  7. Oklahoma State 10-1

  8. Baylor 9-2

  9. Ole Miss 9-2

  10. Oklahoma 10-1

  11. Oregon 9-2

  12. Michigan State 9-2

  13. BYU 9-2

  14. Wisconsin 8-3

  15. Texas A&M 8-3

  16. Iowa 9-2

  17. Pittsburgh 9-2

  18. Wake Forest 9-2

  19. Utah 8-3

  20. NC State 8-3

  21. San Diego State 10-1

  22. UTSA 11-0

  23. Clemson 8-3

  24. Houston 10-1

  25. Arkansas 7-4

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This article originally appeared on The Columbus Dispatch: Ohio State football coach Ryan Day is "NFL ready"