Ryan Reynolds, actor and Mint Mobile owner: ‘Wireless is an essential service’

Actor and Mint Mobile owner Ryan Reynolds talks about the pragmatism of Mint’s cell plans, and the importance of cost-efficient wireless access, especially in times of economic instability.

Video Transcript

RYAN REYNOLDS: I think pragmatic is really sexy. I think practical is really sexy. Wireless is an essential service. Why would you pay $100 a month for something where you could get the exact same thing for $15 a month? We have no plans to raise prices at all. And on two separate occasions, Mint actually-- we increased data bucket sizes for all subscribers at no cost to existing subscribers.

So you know, and we'll also-- one of the other things that I think is so interesting about Mint is its innovation isn't necessarily in the product because we're offering the same service that big wireless is offering. It's the price. And you know, that's been-- that's quite literally the business model of Mint. That's the special sauce that, instead of keeping those efficiencies, we're passing them on, right back to the customer in the form of crazy low prices. And I think right now, in the world we're living in, economically speaking, it's kind of the perfect time for people to discover what Mint has to offer.