Ryan Reynolds Posts Birthday Tribute To Blake Lively — And For Once, It's Actually Sincere

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Ryan Reynolds posted a thoughtful birthday tribute for his wife, Blake Lively, and there wasn’t a single cropped photo or dirty joke in sight.

The pun-less post was a rarity for the couple, who regularly poke fun at each other on social media.

“Happy Birthday, @blakelively,” the “Deadpool” actor wrote in an Instagram post on Friday, alongside a carousel of photos of the couple.

“You’re spectacular. I’m not sure if you were born or invented,” he said. “Also, thank you for urging me to leave the house every now and again.”

“He finally posted a decent picture for her birthday,” one commenter wrote on the post, receiving nearly 2,000 likes on the observation.

Lively responded back to her husband’s shockingly sincere post with a splattering of emojis and a simple “my guy.”

As most fans of the couple know, Reynolds has obscured Lively’s face before in previous birthday posts, or, instead, made her big day about singer Billy Ray Cyrus. Because why not?

Lively also returns the favor from time to time, once posting a photo of Ryan Gosling instead of her husband.

Though it’s not always all fun and games between the two. Reynolds recently revealed that he had to sit down “The Shallows” actor and break a very pricey bit of news after he purchased a soccer club, the Wrexham AFC team in Wales, with actor Rob McElhenney.

“I remember seeing Blake and saying, ‘I have bad news and I have really bad news,’” Reynolds said to McElhenney, who was serving as Kimmel’s guest host on an episode earlier this month.

“The bad news is I slipped into someone’s DMs again,” he said. “The really bad news is that I might have bought half of a fifth-tier national football league in Wales.”

“We’re still working through that one,” the actor quipped, perhaps shedding light on why the post for Lively was so sincere this year.

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