Ryan Wagner Talks About What Orioles Fans Bring To The Stadium

It's Orioles Opening Day.

Video Transcript

I am very excited about today. You know who else is very excited?

- I have a feeling.

- Ryan Wagner

- Yes.

- You've got one of the coolest jobs, I have to say, in baseball, the public address announcer. So you're excited to be back as well.

RYAN WAGNER: Yeah, you know, last year was strange, I think, for all of us. I'm a public address announcer. Last year, I was an A announcer because I had no public. So it's great to--

- Harsh.

RYAN WAGNER: There was nobody here! It was like shouting in a library. But it's, you know, it's great to be back. The baseball field, that's for the players. This-- this building, this stadium is for the fans, and the magic of this place is really brought here by those folks. And so it's going to be great to see them back again.

- Magic, that is definitely true.

- How big of a role do the fans play in your job? I mean, do they get you excited? Do they get you up ready to go for the game?

RYAN WAGNER: Yeah, this is an old school ballpark, and I have something that-- that is kind of old school in the way that I do my-- my work, because I'm open to the elements. I'm open to the fans. In a lot of new ballparks the PA announcer is in a soundproof booth. I'm in the press box, so I can hear what's going on out in the ballpark. So, yeah, I absolutely feed on the energy the fans.

You know, you think back to 2014 and Delmon Young's double, this place was literally shaking, and if that doesn't get you fired up, especially as somebody that-- My job is to keep people engaged and to keep people focused on what's happening in the field. So, yeah, I need those folks to help me get through the day.

- And, of course, what always is a plus is when the team is doing well. And this team is off to a really good start. How excited are you about this year from the-- uh, the sport perspective?

RYAN WAGNER: Yeah, 10 years ago, I stood on maybe this very same spot, and told the fans in my first year that, you know, there was this second wildcard out there, and we should go get it. And that was a year when nobody was predicting the Orioles to do much of anything.

Let's go get another one. You know, hope springs eternal. That's the great thing about opening day. I think this year, more than any other, we need a little hope. We need a little excitement.

I mentioned earlier that the Orioles are the-- the perfect chicken noodle soup right now. So if they can make a run, you know, it's great to start 4 and 2. Let's go 8 and 4. Let's go 16 and 8. Let's keep this momentum going, and see if we can have a nice summer in the sun.

- Let's do that. I love these adjectives, hope, magic, yes, let's do it. So, we love that. We're so excited, and, of course, we're going to be here all morning long chatting with the sport perspective. I loved what you said there. So we have all--

- You know you love the other aspect of the game.

- I do, yes, no, I do. There's lots to discuss. There's the food, there's the fans, all kinds of stuff. And we have you covered on all topics Orioles.