Ryanair records busiest month ever in June

STORY: Ryanair had its busiest month ever in June.

The Irish airline announced Monday (July 4) that it flew 15.9 million passengers that month.

That was well up from just over 5 million a year before.

It also filled 95% of its available seats for the first time since the start of the global health crisis.

Over the month, Ryanair said it operated more than 88,500 flights.

Looking ahead, the budget airline expects to fly 15% more passengers this summer than it did in the same season in 2019.

It aims to carry a record 165 million travellers over the year to March - far higher than its pre-health crisis level high of 149 million.

Ryanair avoided most of the disruption caused by strikes at airports in Europe.

Fewer than 2% of its flights were affected by industrial action by cabin crew unions.

The company said Saturday (July 2) it expected ‘minimal disruption’ from 12 more strikes days announced by some Spain-based cabin crew later this month.