For Sacramento-Area Residents, Getting Vaccinated Calls For Persistence

Getting vaccinated is about to become more difficult as the number of doses continues to shift amid growing eligibility standards.

Video Transcript

---millions more qualify today. But now the bottleneck to get an appointment.

- CBS13's Rachel Wolf is getting answers on how to score a shot.

- It really felt like I lucked out.

RACHEL WOLF: Jan Windsor and her husband are now protected against the coronavirus. She got her vaccine at CVS.

- His, I found a link on our home app for neighborhood stuff. And they said they were doing shots here. And we were able to get in.

- They were in line with hundreds at the McClellan Park vaccination site run by Curative. Since they opened five weeks ago, they've seen eligibility expand, but not necessarily supply.

- It is difficult, because we are limited with the amount of vaccines that we can give per day.

RACHEL WOLF: And that makes getting an appointment challenging.

- My friend recently got her first appointment on the website by refreshing for about an hour.

RACHEL WOLF: Grocery store clerk Sam Russell enlisted the help of family.

- My aunt, she got the appointment for me. She saw an opening at 3:00 AM.

RACHEL WOLF: Others checked the Department of Health website.

- It was hard. I tried-- I'm a Sutter patient, and I could never get one.

RACHEL WOLF: This woman was willing to drive a bit.

- I'm from South Sacramento, but I had to come here for my first one and this one.

RACHEL WOLF: For others, it was sheer determination.

- We were checking, like, constantly. And so, you know, every other day you check. And then, you know, some appointments that weren't there were there now. So I don't know if people would just, you know, cancel them or not. But you just got to stay on it.

RACHEL WOLF: For those who aren't tech-savvy in Sac County, call 211 and they'll find an appointment for you and make sure you get both doses.

- You know, we're working as hard as we can, as quickly as we can. And we're hoping to even ramp up what we're doing here per day.

RACHEL WOLF: A win-win for Windsor, who's ready to get back to life as she knew it.

- There's four of us that haven't played cards in a year. And we have set a date for April 14. And we are happy, happy, happy, so--

- You got to miss playing cards with your friends. Well, [INAUDIBLE] plans to work with the county and state officials to open up four more clinics.