Sacramento Businesses Prepare For New Mask Guidelines

The state on Wednesday released new covid-19 guidelines for when the state reopens in six days. The new mask guidance will align with the CDC's guidelines. Fully vaccinated people won't need to wear a mask in most places, with the exceptions being on public transit and in schools

Video Transcript

TONY LOPEZ: The big question tonight, how will the rules be enforced? There is CBS 13's Velena Jones live in Old Sacramento with our businesses and their customers, Velena, are responding to this.

VELENA JONES: Yeah. Well, enforcement is really tricky and completely up to these businesses as stores here in Old Sacramento begin to reopen to customers for the first time maskless. And well over a year, they tell me they don't want to have to police people.

BRIAN ROSE: We're ready.

NOELLE ROSALES: I might still wear my mask, to be honest with you.

VELENA JONES: The COVID countdown to looser restrictions, now less than a week away from the state reopening, allowing those vaccinated to go maskless in most settings, and those without the shot will have to continue hiding their face.

BRIAN ROSE: Goodbye, mask and start our life again and go back to pre-COVID.

VELENA JONES: The rules are mostly on an honor system basis with businesses like Identity Boutique at DOCO making the final decision.

SHANE TWILLA: We've tried to be safe the entire time.

VELENA JONES: Prepping for next week, the boutique is trusting their customers and staff to follow state and CDC guidelines.

SHANE TWILLA: And just be safe and love each other, and mask up if you have to mask up. And if you don't, then don't.

VELENA JONES: While businesses have the ability to require proof of vaccination, Flip Flop Shop in Old Sacramento is also relying on their customers to tell the truth--

SUKEYA CLARK: It's a little bit anxiety--

VELENA JONES: --with some reservations.

SUKEYA CLARK: We're hoping to trust our community and hope that they don't take advantage of--

VELENA JONES: The new rules bringing mixed emotions on how effective they will be.

SAM HEIDER: I think it's perfect. I think it should've been done long time ago.

FARAH SHAH: I don't think the honor system works.

VELENA JONES: Dr. Dean Blumberg with UC Davis says with high vaccination rates statewide, those who decide to go maskless without immunity, likely will not cause a major spike in cases.

DR. DEAN BLUMBERG: In that case, the risk is mostly to them. So they're going to get sick because they're not masked. Those who are vaccinated, the vaccine works very well.

VELENA JONES: Dr. Blumberg says his major concern is for those children who are not yet eligible to receive the vaccine because of their age. He's encouraging those people to continue getting those vaccinations and have those mask mandates in place to protect those most vulnerable.

TONY LOPEZ: OK. Lots more to come on this. Velena, thank you, live in Old Sacramento tonight.