How this Sacramento couple went from being farmworkers — to running their own meat market

From milking cows to working in Northern California fields for eight years — to now running their own meat market. Rogelio and María López were recently awarded the 'Salud!' Business Award by the Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. See more in the video above.

Video Transcript

- From milking cows--


- --to working in northern California fields for eight years, and now, running their own meat market, Rogelio and Maria Lopez were recently awarded the Salud award by the Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

LYDIA RAMIREZ: It's important to recognize that the center and the heart of Sacramento is not the only beating pulse of Sacramento. It is important to highlight those areas that have small business owners that are thriving and doing well for their business and their communities.

- Rogelio and Maria started this business in a 12 by six foot corner of this meat market almost 25 years ago.


- And like most immigrants, Rogelio says, he came to this country with a dream.


- And while they struggled at the beginning of this pandemic, their resilience during the past year has now put them in the spotlight in the city's southern region.

- Let's go out and give business back to those local businesses. Take a drive on Franklin. Take a drive on Northgate, you know? And see that there are some really fantastic businesses out there.

JESUS LOPEZ: South Sacramento is a place with a lot of culture. People here, you know, maybe it's not as recognized as downtown and all those areas. But it is a very strong place.

- These business owners, who for almost a decade were farm workers, they're hoping to not only get recognition themselves.


- But also, other businesses outside of the downtown area. In South Sacramento, Marisela de La Cruz, KCRA 3 News.

LISA GONZALES: They have great meat there. Three other Hispanic and Latino owned businesses also received this recognition.