Sacramento Firefighters Battle Metal Pile Fire Outside Recycling Facility

Firefighters battled a blaze outside of a recycling facility in Sacramento County on Friday.

Video Transcript

- A recycling facility fire is putting a black smoke over Sacramento County right now. The metal pile is burning on Elder Creek Road. No structures threatened, but Watt Avenue and Elder Creek Road are both closed right now.

- CBS 13's Velena Jones is live on the scene with details. Velena?

VELENA JONES: Yeah. We're not seeing the flames that we saw earlier today. Right now, the fire is smoldering. It started around at 2:00 this afternoon. And crews are still here, making sure all of the hot spots are taken care of.

Now where we are right now, this is a recycling area with a lot of metal. This fire has been smoldering for hours now. They've had to use so much water that they have asked local water companies to boost the water pressure just so they can put more water on these hot spots in this recycling yard.

Now they're also using equipment to lift up pieces of metal to check for hot spots and make sure that everything is completely out. As you said, there's no threat to any structures or nearby properties. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

But we do know there is major traffic backup in the area because of those roads that are closed. So they are asking you to take alternative routes around the area. I just drove through that traffic and it's quite backed up, even on Fruitridge Road. So alternate routes are suggested.