Sacramento Gas Station Clerk, Customer Get Into Fight

Surveillance video captured the incident that led up to the fight, including the aftermath that left one man bruised and bloody. Both men are facing misdemeanor charges.

Video Transcript

- Now there's a heated argument at a Sacramento gas station turns violent. Look at this. A clerk runs after a customer and starts throwing punches.

- In a story, you'll see only on CBS 13 Marissa Perlman spoke with that clerk who's now apologizing for attacking his customer. Marissa.

MARISSA PERLMAN: Well, that Sacramento man went in to pay for gas but left with a black eye. That clerk now fired. But this afternoon, both men are facing charges.

Surveillance video shows the confrontation starting inside the AMPM. 59-year-old Felipe Jimenz asks store clerk, 29-year-old Dwann Chester for a full tank of gas. But Dwann says he can't understand the request. Clearly, frustrated Felipe is seen walking out. But moments later returns to asking for a receipt.

The exchange growing heated as Felipe throws up a middle finger as he walks out. Dwann follows him. Surveillance video outside shows Dwann walking up to Felipe aggressively. That's when Felipe throws a punch. Dwann then, repeatedly strikes him. Eventually, knocking him to the ground. Customers and a security guard break up the fight.

Felipe's family sent us these pictures showing the bruises and blood covering his face and body. His daughter telling CBS 13, she was terrified to learn this happened over a misunderstanding over her father's English at their neighborhood gas station.

DWANN CHESTER: I just want to apologize to him, you know.

MARISSA PERLMAN: Outside the store today, Dwann Chester taking responsibility for his actions, saying he regrets how he acted.

DWANN CHESTER: I know what I did and the actions that I took. It wasn't very professional. Much in the way about it in a very different matter.

MARISSA PERLMAN: Once again, Dwann Chester was fired that same day, but both men now cited for misdemeanor battery.