Sacramento Man Accused Of Killing Brother With Down Syndrome

Akram Husain, the man accused of killing his own brother with down syndrome, went before a judge for the first time and is facing felony charges for involuntary manslaughter.

Video Transcript

- The story you'll see only on CBS 13. A Sacramento man accused of killing his brother with Down Syndrome. Tonight his family says they will support him no matter what. CBS 13, Ms. Pulman is live with their message, Marissa.

- List of tragedies for their family at 27, Anwar Hussein died in March. Heidi tells us their family is now mourning the loss of their youngest, while their other sibling is charged in connection with his death.

- He loved everybody that he met.

- Heidi Thompson says her youngest brother Anwar Hussein brought a bright light to their family. The youngest of nine lived with Down Syndrome. She says she'll miss him being silly and stubborn.

- Down syndrome is a limitation to a degree but it also-- it brings a light and a spirit to these humans.

- Anwar died in March. He was living at this North Highlands apartment with his older brother, 30-year-old Akram Hussein, after their father died in January. The details of his death, his brother's alleged involvement or where he died aren't known. Court documents not revealing any details but the coroner's office calling his death suspicious. Heidi says her family doesn't know what happened.

- I can't claim to know any of it. The detective said there was an injury, that's all we know, literally. There was an injury. The death certificate doesn't say, it says pending, undetermined.

- Appearing via Livestream from his home. Akram Hussein met a judge for the first time.

- [INAUDIBLE] Violation of Penal Code Section 1--

- We're told he moved out of this apartment two weeks ago. Neighbors say they rarely saw him or Anwar.

- And we never knew he was there because he stayed in his room the whole time. Oh, I saw him once.

- Heidi says she wants answers but will continue to support Akram, who she calls Aky, as he faces a big battle in court.

- We support Aky 100%. He has all of our support. He has all of our love. No matter what the outcome is, it does not change how we feel about him.

- The district attorney's office releasing a criminal complaint later this afternoon. It doesn't reveal any details about this homicide investigation. Akram Hussein is back here in court in late May.