Sacramento Mother On Mission To Find Daughter's Killer

Her daughter was shot six months ago.

Video Transcript

CURTIS MING: But first, a mom on a mission to find her daughter's killer, six months after her death. Thanks for joining us tonight. I'm Curtis Ming.

ELIZABETH KLINGE: And I'm Elizabeth Klinge. CBS13's Velena Jones is live in Natomas with how she's keeping the case alive. Velena.

VELENA JONES: Sarayah Redmon's mom comes here to the same apartment complex where her daughter was shot, every single week, to put up posters like this one right here. She says it hurts every time but she hopes pushing through the pain will help bring answers.

- Rayah's life matters. Rayah's life matters.

VELENA JONES: For four months, every Friday--

- Justice for Sarayah.

VELENA JONES: --loved ones march and chant for a 19-year-old that no longer has a voice.

- Say her name. Sarayah.

JENIFER REDMOND: It's made a big difference, you know, because now people are paying attention.

VELENA JONES: Sarayah Redmond was shot and killed at a friend's Natomas apartment in September. New video released by Sacramento police show four suspects walking the property and later running from the scene.

JENIFER REDMOND: Having to relive the whole thing and just to see what I never saw, it was devastating.

VELENA JONES: Sarayah's mom marching with even more determination tonight, hopes the video will finally bring closure.

JENIFER REDMOND: It's horrible that they're still out there, living their life, being able to do whatever they want and my daughter's not here.

LAYLANI CARTER: I just don't know how to process it, you know, completely.

VELENA JONES: Friend Laylani Carter says Sarayah was upset with night she was killed and believes the friend she was with may know who's responsible.

LAYLANI CARTER: I don't think that they came there, you know, for her. I feel like it was something else. But I just hate that she was caught in the middle of it.

VELENA JONES: Family and friends passing posters with patrol officers, even taking some to spread the word, say they won't stop until those responsible are behind bars.

JENIFER REDMOND: It's very hard. It's not what I want to do but it's what I have to do. I believe that my daughter will get justice. I believe it's just a matter of time.

VELENA JONES: Sacramento Police told me since they released the video this week, they have not received any updates. However anyone with information is urged to contact the department.