New Sacramento coffee shop just opened in midtown at old yoga studio. What’s on the menu?

A locally owned coffee roaster recently opened its first coffee shop in midtown Sacramento.

Anchor & Tree Coffee Roasting Co. celebrated its grand opening at 1412 16th St. on Jan. 13.

The cafe took over the former location of a yoga studio, Urban Yogi, that closed in November, according to an Instagram post from the studio owner.

Coffee shop owner Donovan Albert said he has always had a passion for “the community in midtown.”

“My favorite thing about coffee is the community that it builds,” he wrote in an email to The Sacramento Bee on Monday. “I wanted to bring back this community feel to downtown and also an educational atmosphere for those who desire to know more about coffee and how to support small businesses in Sacramento.”

What is Anchor & Tree Coffee Roasting?

Anchor & Tree, which has been around since 2022, started as a wholesale coffee roaster.

“We have primarily been ... trying to get out coffee in local restaurants, cafes, offices and grocery stores,” Albert said. “We would also do local pop ups and sold our coffee on the shelves of (Sacramento vintage shop) Superbum Plant Co. for some time.”

Anchor & Tree Coffee Roasting Co. uses a Bellwether electric coffee roaster that “produces zero-gas emissions,” according to its website.

Anchor and Tree Coffee Roasting Co. roaster selection.
Anchor and Tree Coffee Roasting Co. roaster selection.

What’s on the menu at new Sacramento coffee shop?

At the company’s new coffee shop, you’ll find offerings from a collective of 15 other businesses, six of which are micro roasters throughout Sacramento, Albert said.

“We believe in community, not competition, and have a firm belief that there are plenty of customers to go around,” he said. “Our concept is to make the shop a one-stop place to grab your coffee, a gift and get introduced to a small business you may have never heard of.”

Packaged coffee beans cost $16 to $17.

You can also learn how to roast your own beans for $100. The one-hour educational experience can be booked through the cafes website.

“We go over the origin of coffee, farming, the history of coffee, and then the guests will create their own blend of six pounds and roast it to their desired roast level,” Albert said. “Once complete, they will take all of the coffee they roasted home.”

Those looking for specialty coffee drinks can choose from Americanos, lattes, cappuccinos and siphon brew.

Anchor and Tree Coffee Roasting Co. is a seed oil-free business and does not carry alternate milks. It only offers dairy products from a2 Milk.

Drinks range in price from $7 to $9.

The cafe also offers pastries such as cheddar chive biscuits, banana bread and gluten-free orange almond cake.

All pastries cost $6 apiece and bagels are available for $4 each.

What are the cafe’s open hours?

Anchor & Tree Coffee Roasting Co. is open from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, and 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

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