Sacramento Sheriff's Office Seeks New Information In 2007 Homicide

A father and son were found dead in a North Highlands home on Halloween night 2007.

Video Transcript

- A renewed effort tonight to solve a double homicide on Halloween more than a decade ago. Detectives are taking another look at the evidence.

- And they're hoping for new tips to crack the case.

- This is a heinous crime.

- It's a cold case detective [INAUDIBLE] just can't forget.

- There's 50 plus murders every year just in the county of Sacramento. But this one really stands out.

- A father, 48-year-old Michael Crisp and his 15-year-old son Aaron killed with multiple shotgun blasts inside their North Highlands home. The mother and ex-wife to the victims discovering the bodies on Halloween night in 2007.

- After not being able to get a hold of her son Aaron for quite some time, she got concerned and went to the house.

- Lord we ask of you now here today at Aaron's house that you just help all of us together.

- Friends of the Highlands Academy of Arts and Design student held a memorial for him after that crime. But nobody ever came forward with enough evidence to arrest a suspect. Now detectives are hoping today's new technology will help crack the case.

- It can be very tough because you're combining old school techniques that were used back when the crime occurred with new technologies. In this case, particularly DNA technology has come such a long way. Materials we were unable to analyze back then are now coming full circle. And now we're able to actually find out more information with less evidence. s

- A Halloween murder mystery not forgotten. Detectives say they just need more help from the community.

- Someone out there knows what happened. And it's been long enough.

- Well, if Aaron was alive today, he would have turned 29 this year. His mom still lives in the area and keeps in contact with investigators.