Sacramento's Burger Patch Expands

While many restaurants have struggled to stay alive during the pandemic, one Sacramento restaurant is expanding.

Video Transcript

- Well, many restaurants have struggled to stay afloat during the pandemic. One Sacramento restaurant is expanding.

- CBS 13 Steve Laura shows us how the recipe for success is working.

- Here we are in the final stages of our process.

- It's another building remodel.

- Take the idea of convenience and make it contactless.

- For this booming local restaurant brand.

- It's go time. It's work, work, work.

- The NEA and figglehorn are owners of Burgerpatch, the plant-based burger restaurant is sizzling hot. Exploding in growth during the pandemic. Adding two new locations with more on the way.

- On my iPad, I can see everybody is placing an online order right now.

- The Burgerpatch business model of curbside contactless mobile orders was created even before the coronavirus began, and it's helped them expand fast.

- So now, you're going to get a text message showing where you're at in line, how many orders are ahead of you so that you can know the precise moment that you should walk up to the window to grab your fast patch meal.

- They are a unicorn. There is a unique story and it's great to see that it's happening for someone.

- Josh wood is CEO of region business, which represents 120 restaurants in the Sacramento, Metro area. He says nearly half of them have been forced to close at least temporarily during the pandemic. And he believes Burgerpatch should be seen as a pioneer.

- They're really a restaurant 3.0. And that's what we're seeing. I think a lot of restaurants head in that direction. But the fact that they started that way and they built their model that way, I think is really giving them a competitive advantage.

- This is going to be a special breakfast event.

- The Sacramento plant-based burger restaurant's recipe for success.

- It's all happening so fast.

- It's leaving customers hungry for more.

- And then the napkins are inside.

- Looks good. And while the Burgerpatch has grown from 15 employees to more than 100 during the pandemic. The East Sacramento location is set to open in mid-May and a fourth location is also expected to be announced very soon.