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Saturday 20, July

Today's lunar energies are perfect for staying home and dreaming your day away, Sagi bb. You have so many fabulous ideas on the horizon and you need the stillness to incubate them. Don't rush or add on to many new things. You have plenty to work with from here.

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Friday 19, July

Mercury Retrograde isn't quitting, but there is a subtle shift as it leaves your house of travel and starts to bring some nostalgic to your life. Watch for an emotional and sentimental trip down memory lane over the next several weeks. The stars are bringing you a blast from the past in a major way.

Thursday 18, July

The stars are reminding you to put your attention on what you love and desire exclusively. There is a fabulous flow between Venus and Neptune, bringing all of the inspiration and glamour necessary for living your very best life. You adore a good infusion of all things decadent and beyond this world.

Wednesday 17, July

You're finally starting to get your groove back in the communication department, Sagi. The Moon moves into your house of talking and texting and gives you an added edge over the ongoing Mercury Rx. If you've been putting off correspondence, today is the day to finally get back into writing or calling.

Tuesday 16, July

The Full Moon Lunar eclipse has arrived and it's doing a major renovation in your financial department. You have never been one to save for a rainy day, but this eclipse is asking you to consider making some backup plans for your extravagant habits and baller lifestyle, babe. Can you rein it in just a bit?

Monday 15, July

The stars are not kidding right now, Sagi. You have your humor to see you through, but the lunar intensity will not quit until a few days after the eclipse. Watch your finances as they are likely affecting your mood in a major way. It's like your accounts have a huge leak these days. Blowing the bank is an understatement.

Sunday 14, July

This is one of the most profound days of eclipse season, even though the Full Moon eclipse is still days away. That's because Pluto, the planet of transformation, is touching off the part of your chart currently occupied by the lunar nodes. It's all about money and values - and you're ready to go deep.

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