The sailors trapped on the capsized container ship in Georgia 'were being cooked' inside the vessel as temperatures reached 150 degrees

Ashley Collman
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Stephen B. Morton/AP

  • Early Sunday morning, a container ship capsized in St. Simons Sound, Georgia, with 24 sailors on board.
  • The last four crew members were rescued from the ship Monday night.
  • A representative of the salvage firm that helped rescued the sailors said that they endured "hellish conditions."
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The sailors who endured 40 hours trapped inside a capsized container ship survived "hellish conditions," according to a representative of the salvage firm who helped rescued the four South Koreans.

Tim Ferris of Defiant Marine spoke with the Associated Press on Tuesday, after the remaining crew members were rescued from the vessel Monday night.

He said the sailors "were being cooked" alive in ship, where temperatures reached as high as 150 degrees.

Ferris said they kept cool by stuffing their pockets with bags of ice.

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U.S. Coast Guard via AP

He added that they had to perch themselves on pipes to stay above the water that flooded the areas where they were trapped.

According to CNN, three of the sailors were stuck in the propeller shaft while the forth was in the engine room.

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The fourth sailor proved the most difficult to rescue, Ferris said, because he was behind a door designed to withstand an explosion.

The salvage company had to procure a diamond-tipped cutter to create an opening to rescue him.

With all of the crew members rescued, the Coast Guard and other agencies are working to right the ship.

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