For Sale: The World's Fastest Cruise Missile (Mach 3 Speed, That Is)


India might start selling the BrahMos missile. 

For Sale: The World's Fastest Cruise Missile (Mach 3 Speed, That Is)

For years, India has bought weapons from other nations. In fact, by one estimate, it was the world’s biggest arms importer between 1950 and 2017.

But while it may be a morally dubious honor, it is a sign of India’s growing strength that it may become an arms exporter. And not of low-tech weapons like rifles, but sophisticated guided missiles.

An Indian defense official said India may begin exporting BrahMos cruise missile to several Asian and Middle Eastern nations later this year, according to Economic Times.

"A number of South East Asian countries are ready to buy our missiles,” Commodore S K Iyer, a manager at BrahMos Aerospace, said at the IMDEX Asia 2019 defense trade show. “It will be our first export and we have received increasing interest in the missiles from the Gulf countries.”

There have been reports for several years that Vietnam was interested in the BrahMos, according to India’s Economic Times. “Apart from Vietnam, several other Southeast Asian countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia have evinced interest in purchasing BrahMos missiles.”

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