Sales, Deals And Discounts To Shop For Every Month Of 2017

Alexandra Suarez

You might have thought monthly seasonal purchases were just for fruits and vegetables, but as it turns out, they can also apply to products like electronics and home furniture – if you’re looking to save some money.

It may come as no surprise that many consumers have opted to shop when they know they will be able to get the biggest bang for their buck, and major shopping trips or purchases tend to coincide with holidays or nation-wide retail sales. In the midst of this year’s tax season, though, consumers could be looking to stash their tax refunds as opposed to spending them immediately, according to a tax return survey released Wednesday by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics.

 In the survey, of the 66 percent of those expecting a refund, 20.9 percent planned on putting those funds towards everyday expenses. “Consumers are leveraging their tax returns to build up their savings, but that’s good news in the long run because money saved today is money that can be spent down the road, particularly during the back-to-school and holiday seasons later this year,” Matthew Shay, NRF's president and CEO said in a statement. 

Post-tax season and with months to go for 2017, there will certainly be new deals to plan for when it comes to items like apparel, electronics or household goods. An infographic created by Business Insider revealed a breakdown of what to buy every month. These are the products to buy every month. 


July could be one of the best months to make jewelry purchases, since holidays like Mother's Day and Valentine's Day are still far off. Photo: Reuters

February: Presidents Day sales have already ended, but the long weekend is typically best for purchasing tools, bedding and furniture. Electronics are another product category to shop this month as new items from CES will begin to hit store shelves.

March: Valentine’s Day chocolates and luggage will go on sale this month. March is also Frozen Food Month, so be sure to stock up on some T.V. dinners.

April: With springtime weather in the midst, flea markets tend to start up this month, making it the perfect time to shop for one-of-a-kind finds like antique furniture or vintage clothing. Airfare for the summer months is said to be less expensive when purchased in April, also. 

May: May can be a good time to look into gym memberships and another holiday weekend – Memorial Day – will mean sales on items like apparel and home goods.

June: Victoria’s Secret Semi-annual Sale kicks off this month – and other lingerie retailers may try to compete with the mega lingerie retailer – so June could be the perfect month for bras and underwear.

July: With summer in full swing, this will be the time to score on some summer clearance sales for apparel and accessories. And with jewelry-driven holidays like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Days months away, jewelry stores could be offering some sales, also.

August: This month will be all about back-to-school shopping. Clothing, school supplies and college dorm gear will go on sale.

September: End-of-summer retail sales and Veteran’s Day weekend sales will likely result in discounts on products like grills and grilling supplies, outdoor furniture and gardening tools. 

October: Offseason travel deals tend to spring up over this month. October could also be a good time to look into a car purchase -- new models tend to be released in September and older models could be offered at better prices.

November: From wedding dresses to Halloween candy, November is a good month for discounts (not to mention the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals).

December: Some of the best sales will be available immediately after Christmas. Cell phones and holiday décor are typically discounted right after the holiday.

January: Post-holiday winter apparel and accessory sales take place this month as retailers attempt to move old product off the floors. 


Imgur Infographic. Photo: Business Insider/Imgur

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