Sales in Manhattan up 33.9% in March compared to 2020

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Jun. 4—Sales in Manhattan in March 2021 increased by 33.9% compared to March 2020, a clear sign of the difference between the start of the pandemic and this spring.

The city recorded $12.2 million in sales in March 2021. In March 2020, the city reported $9.1 million. That's an increase of over $3 million from March 2020 to March 2021.

City manager Ron Fehr said the growth can be attributed to a few reasons. He said there was a lot less activity in March 2020 because of the start of the coronavirus pandemic and the shutdown when people stopped events.

"I do think there was a lot less activity, certainly for at least half of March 2020 when K-State told students not to come back from spring break and created a lot of uncertainty," Fehr said.

A boost in sales in March 2021 occurred likely because many people received their stimulus payment from the federal government, Fehr added, "which, I think, coupled with improving conditions brought a lot more folks out to shop (and) engage in retail and in-person dining."

The sales numbers come from a calculation using the city's sales tax revenue and the base sales tax rate for Manhattan of 8.95%. (That rate is not the same in all parts of Manhattan.)

The information comes from a May sales tax report from the state that reflects March sales.

The city government brought in $1.09 million in sales tax revenue from March sales, which was up from the $816,265 collected last year. That's an increase of $277,204.