Salesman 'Accidentally' Calls His Black Neighbor The N-Word And Twitter Isn't Going For It

It’s not a challenge to find racism on the internet. Whether it’s videos of Karens claiming they’re in danger or police profiling Black people just trying to get back home, we’re confronted with the institutional racism embedded in this country every day. It’s almost… expected. But every now and again a clip pops up that captures a surprising racially charged interaction. Moor Information recently shared one of those videos, and it’ll make your jaw drop, or make you scratch your head.

The video shows a man knocking on one of his neighbor’s doors. He waits for the neighbor, who’s Black, to open the door. After he greets him, the man starts his sale pitch, explaining that he’s trying to get folks in the neighborhood to use solar panels. He attempts to refer to him as a fellow neighbor, but that’s not what ends up coming out of his mouth.

“So we do solar around here and we’re just coming around talking to n*****s,” he says before stopping. “Sorry dude, I [meant] ‘neighbors.’ I apologize man.”

The Black neighbor accepts the apology and goes back inside his apartment.

The salesman looks stressed as he leaves the residence, pausing on the stairs with his hands on his face in what looks like embarrassment.

Social media is having a field day over the clip, which has surpassed 3 million views on Twitter. Some were outraged, while others were more confused about the salesman’s intentions.

“One of thee wildest ring videos I’ve seen,” one user tweeted.

Lmaoo, I’m sorry but that was funny as hell to me!” an Instagram viewer commented. 

Another Twitter user is not so sure that it was an accident.

“Aye nah how you racist on accident,” they shared.

A few noted that he’s probably in hot water at work.

“His manager after seeing this video,” one wrote.

“Him at the bottom of the stairs:,” another added with a meme.

“Him realizing his job is gone,” a viewer tweeted.

One user predicted what his conversation with his boss may look like.

“Boss: How did it go with the client? Him: I called him the n-word. Boss:,” they wrote with a clip from Spongebob Squarepants.

Another Twitter user suspects he was trying too hard to not be racist, and it backfired.

“He was thinking way to much about not being racist that he ended up being racist,” they wrote.

And one Instagram viewer thinks the only way to remedy the situation is some freebies.

“The only way to fix that is by giving him free solar panels,” they said.