Salute, melting face, troll among 37 new emojis coming to phones everywhere

·1 min read

Insert “happy face” emoji here.

After the pandemic delayed their release by a year, the Unicode Consortium has finally revealed 37 brand-new emojis that will be on devices by the end of the year and into 2022.

Among the new faces and symbols are “beans,” “troll,” “mirror ball” and “melting face.”

In total, Unicode is offering 838 new characters with 75 additional skin tone options added on to the plethora of old and new emojis.

For those who prefer to speak with their hands instead of texting, there will be a fresh batch of hand emojis including “hand with index finger and thumb crossed,” and “index pointing at the viewer.”

In a controversial addition, the Unicode Consortium is releasing two offerings of a pregnant man emoji as part of the new releases, according to Engadget.

Thankfully, users can forget about the controversy and get their groove on with the disco ball emoji and, for kids, a new slide emoji is also becoming available.

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