The Salvation Army’s Center of Hope looking to expand

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The Salvation Army is looking to expand to continue providing hope for those in our community after experiencing the increase of homelessness in the area.

With the increase of homelessness in the CSRA, the Salvation Army’s Center of Hope is in need of more space and resources to meet the needs.

15 years ago, Pearline Harris was a client of the Salvation Army Center of Hope. Now, she gives back the gift she received.

“Miss Grace was the director at that time, and she asked me if I wanted an apartment. And I’ve been giving back to Salvation Army and EOA ‘cause that’s what got me up on my feet,” Harris said.

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Testimonies like Harris’ are why Salvation Army leaders say they need to expand their facilities.

“Looking at the fact that we are averaging 14 children a night here at our Center of Hope, the faces of homelessness have shifted and changed to what we may have perceived them to be. Over half of those staying in the facility, right now, aren’t men; they’re women and children,” Salvation Army Major and Area Commander Jonathan Raymer said.

While the plans for a new start and bigger space is in its early stages, Raymer believes this upgrade could be the change this community needs.

“To help get those people who are experiencing homelessness into stability. ‘Cause this previous year, we had – thankful to God to have the amount of success we’ve had – 164 people were able to move from homelessness, into stable housing. That’s more than the previous three years combined.”

And Harris agrees with Raymer and the rest of the Salvation Army team on this project’s impact and trickle effect.

“There was a lady and her husband who came this week, and they didn’t know what they do. When you tell people, they say, ‘Oh, okay. Well, I’ll volunteer, and I’ll bring some stuff,’ and they buy it out of their pocket. That’s a blessing for Salvation Army.”

There isn’t an opening date for the new building yet, but there are ways you can be a part of the trickle effect.

You can visit the Salvation Army of Augusta Facebook for more information and details on how you can help.

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