Salvation Army seeks volunteers

Jan. 7—The Holiday season has wrapped up, and one local charity is in need of volunteers for the new year.

The Salvation Army Meridian is looking for more helping hands as it prepares to change how food is given to the community.

"We are beginning to change how our clients receive food, so we need volunteers to help stock and organize our new food pantry," said Lt. Roy Fisher, commanding officer of The Salvation Army.

Normally, clients only drove up for food pickup, but Fisher said they will now require appointments and visits with the caseworker as a new direction for how The Salvation Army will serve the community.

To receive food, clients must call the office on Monday through Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

"I felt that having people drive up and receive food was impersonal," Fisher said. "Having them come in to see what they are getting allows us to have a more intimate feel with our community."

Fisher said they are in need of five to 10 volunteers to help stock the food pantry Monday through Friday and encourages people to also lend a hand inside the thrift store Tuesday through Saturday.

"Although we've made it through our busiest season, we are always in need of more help. We would love to have our pantry ready much quicker, but we just don't have the staff. I'm hoping to get that soon," Fisher said.

If interested, email Lt. Roy Fisher at