Sam Smith & Madonna Clap Back At Haters With New 'Vulgar' Single

Sam Smith; Madonna

Madonna and Sam Smith’s hot new single “Vulgar” is finally here!

After weeks of teasing fans with images of tightly bound corsets and their initials S&M, the duo released their pulsing dance anthem yesterday.

The pair began their collaboration shortly after Madonna introduced Smith and Kim Petras at the Grammy Awards earlier this year before they performed their song “Unholy.”

Madonna was the perfect person to introduce a provocative song that pushes boundaries — something the queen of pop has done time and time again in her own career. “Are you ready for some controversy?” she began. “If they call you shocking, scandalous, troublesome, problematic, provocative or dangerous, you are definitely onto something.”

Smith’s performance ignited a right-wing backlash for dressing up like the devil and showing a little skin. But this is nothing new for the nonbinary artist who is consistently criticsized for being oversexualized and embracing their body, their sexuality, and gender identity.

Being misunderstood and having conservative bigots frothing at the mouth over your provocative music and fashion is something pop icon Madonna is all too familiar with.

So the day after the Grammys the duo jumped into the studio and recorded “Vulgar” in response to all the haters.

The song’s throbbing beat will have you dancing, but the lyrics are really a middle finger to all of Smith’s critics.

The “Unholy” singer starts the track by reclaiming their power. “Look like I’m dressed to kill, love how I make me feel,” Smith sings. “You know you’re beautiful when they call you vulgar. I do what I wanna, I go when I gotta. I’m sexy, I’m free.”

Then Madonna chimes in with a warning to detractors, “Boy, get down on your knees because I am Madonna. If you fuck with Sam tonight, you’re fucking with me. So watch what you say or I’ll split your banana.”

The iconic pop stars end the song by dominating anyone listening, "Say our f---ing names," Smith commands, followed by Madonna’s epic finale. "Do you know how to spell my name? B-I-T-C-H," she sings. "Go f*** yourself. You heard me, bitch! Say our f****ing names!"

Smith has spent the last year facing the ire of conservative media and internet bullies who have gleefully tried to tear the singer down, but lucky for us they are fighting back in the most delicious and, dare we say, vulgar way imaginable!