Samah Dada makes her favorite dairy-free dishes: Mac and cheese and ice cream

·1 min read

Ditching dairy these days but still missing your favorite creamy dishes? Don't worry. Samah Dada has got you covered with two easy recipes that make classically creamy dishes without the cream! On this week's episode of TODAY All Day's "#Cooking," the blogger and cookbook author whips up macaroni and cheese spiced with her favorite masala and a creamy dessert: banana ice cream infused with cardamom.

Masala Mac and Cheese by Samah Dada

This mac and cheese recipe uses a base of soaked cashews, sweet potatoes and nutritional yeast to create a surprisingly luscious sauce that's packed with umami. The masala adds a spicy kick, which takes the dish from a kid classic to a winning dinner adults will love, too.

Banana and Cardamom Ice Cream by Samah Dada

No ice cream maker? No problem! Frozen bananas create a super creamy base for a decadent dairy-free dessert, while cardamom adds a beautiful warm spice to this icy treat. Enjoy with fresh fruit or a handful of chocolate chips.

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