Same-Sex Navy Couple Recreates WWII Celebration Kiss

This same-sex Navy couple recreated the WWII celebration kiss. Bryan Woodington dipped his husband Kenneth for a kiss after he returned from a seven-month deployment in the Middle East. He won a raffle to be the first sailor to kiss their spouse after disembarking their ship. The Woodingtons have been married for a year. Kenneth ran to Bryan when he finally got off of the ship and they recreated the iconic photo from V-J Day. “Bryan suggested that I wear all-white because he wanted to redo that famous photo, but he didn’t know we won the lottery until the day he came home,” he explained. “I had never seen the photo myself.” Local news received backlash for running the story, but the couple said they weren’t phased by the haters. “It didn’t really bother me, honestly, I’m the type of person who doesn’t really care that much about what people say,” Kenneth told Channel 4 WJXT. The Navy also posted the photo on its Facebook, and many of the comments were positive. “Times have changed when a Gay sailor can welcome home his partner without fear,” Sharon Elaine King stated on Facebook. “Welcome home. Life is short love whoever you want to love.” This video, "Same-Sex Navy Couple Recreates WWII Celebration Kiss", first appeared on