'Curved. Not bent’: Rivals mock Apple’s iPhone #bendgate

Apple's smartphone rivals have taken to Twitter to mock the so-called "bendgate" surrounding the iPhone 6 Plus after customers complained that the newly-released phones had bent unexpectedly.

"Curved. Not Bent," Samsung tweeted, along with a photo of its Galaxy Note Edge, which features a purposely curved edge.

"Our phone doesn't bend, it flexes ... on purpose," LG wrote on Twitter.

HTC chimed in, too.

Even brands other than smartphones, including Heineken, Burton and Pringles, got in on the fun.


A mock ad showing the iPhone 6 Plus bowing to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is also making the Twitter rounds.

Earlier this week, iPhone Plus 6 owners posted photos showing their new phones with slight bends in the thin aluminum frame from seemingly innocuous use — like being placed in pants pockets. On Wednesday, Apple promised to replace the bent handsets.

Regular folks got into the actions as well.