Samsung Galaxy Fold video leak shows ugly crease

Anthony Cuthbertson
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Samsung Galaxy Fold video leak shows ugly crease

Four months after the first official unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the world's largest smartphone maker continues to be secretive about the foldable phone.

The first unveiling event largely took place in the dark, while a follow-up event at last month's Mobile World Congress also came with heavy restrictions.

Despite the media attention given to the folding smartphone at MWC 2019 in Barcelona, no journalists were allowed to report on any hands-on time with the device.

One theory for this blackout was that Samsung hadn't fully ironed out all the creases, so to speak, with one potential issue being with the seam running down the middle of the device's main screen.

A leaked handset has now given an unofficial glimpse of the Galaxy Fold, in a video that appears to confirm the rumours that there will be a visible crease on the unfolded screen.

The video, which appears to originate from Vietnam, shows a Galaxy Fold being switched on, before being folded in half. When it is unfolded, a crease can clearly be seen on the screen.

It is possible the Galaxy Fold in the video is an early prototype, meaning any issues with the screen will be sorted before it rolls out to stores.

Earlier rumours surrounding Samsung's foldable phone hinted that the firm was working to eliminate a crease that appears on the screen after it has been folded around 10,000 times.

With or without the crease issue, Samsung will release the Galaxy Fold on 26 April, costing around £2,000.

The tech giant has said the foldable gadget will form the "foundation of the smartphone of tomorrow".

Images of the Samsung Galaxy Fold appeared online just hours ahead of its expected launch (MobiFlip)

Samsung does not comment on rumours or leaks surrounding unreleased products, though previously said it plans to build at least one million foldable phones in 2019.

The company is also reportedly planning two new foldable phones, expected to be unveiled either later this year or early next year.