The new Samsung Galaxy pro earbuds have 30% off right now: Here’s where to buy them

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<p>Listen up – this is a great deal on a brand new launch</p> (iStock/The Independent)

Listen up – this is a great deal on a brand new launch

(iStock/The Independent)

If you were looking enviously at Apple’s AirPods pros, daydreaming about the day that Samsung would release a high-calibre rival, worry no more. Galaxy fans will be pleased to know that the buds pros are here, and they are the earbuds of your dreams.

Launched in January, the Galaxy buds pro are some of the best truly wireless earbuds that the company has ever made. They’re a big step up from the Galaxy buds+ in terms of specs and features – which are coincidentally also on sale on Amazon right now.

As well as announcing the Galaxy buds pro at the all-digital Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Samsung also unveiled its new flagship Galaxy S21 line-up, as well as Tile-inspired smart tag object trackers.

The Samsung Galaxy buds pro are currently on sale for just £149 at LaptopsDirect, down from their usual price of £219. That’s a saving of £70.

Considering they’ve only been out for three months, it’s a pretty awesome deal. The older Galaxy buds lives are more expensive than the sale price, and the older Galaxy buds+ ordinarily retail at £139 – just a tenner less than the LaptopsDirect deal.

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Samsung Galaxy buds pro: Was £219, now £149,


We have been lucky enough to try the Galaxy buds pros out for a short period of time.

The sound quality on these buds has been massively improved over all of the true wireless Galaxy buds that have come before it. Thanks to that two-way speaker design, featuring an 11mm woofer and a 6.5mm tweeter, you’re get a far deeper bass and a nice, crisp treble.

On top of that, the Galaxy buds pros have a three-microphone system to prevent wind distortion when you’re taking calls. But the real standout feature is the 360 Audio (similar to Apple’s spatial audio technology), which Samsung claims delivers a more immersive experience. There’s also a game mode, which is supposed to reduce latency while you’re playing games on your Galaxy phone.

In terms of design, Samsung has ditched the bean shape of the buds live in favour of the more rounded design of the buds+. Theoretically, that should make them a better pair of earbuds seeing as the divisive buds live let in a lot of external sound. It also means that the active noise cancellation on the Galaxy buds pro should be a lot better than they were on the live models.

Compared to the Samsung buds+, which only offer some ambient noise isolation and some shoddy IPX2 water resistance, the Galaxy buds pro deliver a far more refined listening experience and IPX7 water resistance.

The Samsung Galaxy buds pro are available in three eye-catching colours: phantom black, phantom silver and phantom violet. The latter is the same shade of violet as the new Samsung Galaxy S21, but LaptopsDirect only has the phantom black colour on offer.

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