Samsung recommends scanning smart TVs ‘every few weeks' for malware

Samsung suggests to scan smart QLED TVs that are connected to Wi-Fi every few weeks.

On Monday, Samsung's US Support Twitter page both published and promptly deleted a post recommending QLED smart TV owners to scan their televisions every few weeks to protect themselves and their devices from "malicious software attacks."

On Monday, The Verge spotted a tweet published by Samsung Support USA encouraging smart QLED TV owners to scan their televisions for malware viruses "every few weeks" if it's connected to Wi-Fi. The accompanying video demonstrated how to scan a TV yourself to "prevent malicious software attacks" raising the disconcerting questions: Why can't Samsung automate this process, and was it issued in response to an active threat?

Just a few hours after the unsettling tweet was posted, it was deleted. It's unusual that the company would leave a task revolving around user safety and privacy to owners. Suggesting scanning a TV every few weeks reveals how vulnerable smart TVs, specifically Samsung's QLED TVs, can be. Nevertheless, as homes become more connected, residents must also become more aware of the possible threats the come with having cameras and microphones present throughout their personal spaces.