Samsung reportedly starts testing its craziest smartphone yet

Brad Reed
Samsung reportedly starts testing its craziest smartphone yet

Well, this would certainly be one way for Samsung to bolster its image as an innovator. ZDNet Korea’s supply chain sources claim that Samsung has started testing an absolutely wild new smartphone prototype that will feature a wraparound display that will completely eliminate side bezels. This means that the touch display will extend around to the side of the phone and will be used in lieu of the side buttons that we’re normally accustomed to on mobile phones.

ZDNet Korea’s sources say that so far it’s “unclear whether Samsung will produce the new phone massively or change it to a limited edition premium phone for developed countries.” That said, we do know from past patent filings that Samsung has been working on this crazy experimental smartphone design for a while. One particularly intriguing patent that we read about earlier this year describes a phone that is ovular in shape and that similarly has button icons on the side of the device instead of physical buttons.

Is Samsung actually going to release such a wild and crazy device? We honestly don’t know but it’s certainly one of the most intriguing concepts that the Korean electronics titan has come up with in a long time.

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